Having a measure isn’t enough. And having multiple measures will only take us so far. Using multiple measures with strategic intent is what we need to transform our schools.

Strategic growth measures help us to learn, share, and grow as educators. This touches all of us, because measures teach us more about our practice and performance, others’ perceptions of our practice, and our own professionalism.

Student growth and perception measures give teachers insight into their practice. This drives meaningful change at the classroom level, and it contributes to teacher collaboration and sharing among professionals. This combination of learning, sharing, and growing increases our impact on student success.

Battelle for Kids suggests this three-step process for strong strategic growth measures:

  1. Build measures on trust. The data that drive measures must be credible, and involving teachers in the process is key. Learn more about our process for roster verification here

  2. Select growth measures aligned with your district’s and state’s core values. Learn more about our recommended approach here

  3. Succeed with growth measures by applying the lessons to school improvement. Read more about our lessons here

It’s urgent that states and districts begin this journey to improve teaching and accelerate academic progress for all students. Let’s get started, together.


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